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New look for Easter 2013!

Hi everyone, Long-time members of our community may notice something looks a little different than the last few…years. We have… Continue reading »

Less than perfect…far less than perfect

I was about to go to bed and just abandon my Saturday post. Exhausted, end of a silly week at… Continue reading »

Next steps – what YOU can do about the culture of death in your neighbourhood

┬áSING, my tongue, the Savior’s glory; tell His triumph far and wide; tell aloud the famous story of His body… Continue reading »

Bad news and some good news

I was initially going to do a post about some areas of my life that I thought dove-tailed nicely with… Continue reading »

Don’t you love Holy Week?

A late post today… when you teach at a Catholic school Holy Week is a very busy time! But… isn’t… Continue reading »

One of the Good Ones

Hi all, more of an FYI post from Marty today. Marty found the following article from the good folks at… Continue reading »

Can I Have the Works?

I don’t eat fast food that often, but when I do, I usually order the same meals. If I’m at… Continue reading »