Monthly Archives: April 2013

Who Am I?

This week, I've been struggling with the realization that I really do not love myself wholly and completely the way… Continue reading »

Planned Parenthood actually getting on board with natural family planning

No, that headline is not a hoax. In the most unexpected of places (or maybe I’ve been living under a… Continue reading »

An Essential Aspect of the New Evangelization

As the Church grapples with the modern world, intellectually and spiritually, globally and personally, she needs to be well prepared… Continue reading »

It’s not the slippery slope, it’s already the garbage pit at the bottom.

It really is a demonstration of the intellectual shallowness of Kiwi "gay marriage" supporters that they celebrate the vile and fallacious speeches given… Continue reading »

The Problem with Confession

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to go to confession once a month and, so far I've… Continue reading »

I Feel Better

I was cleaning out my room the other day, trying to prepare myself to do some research for an essay… Continue reading »

The Acton Institute…just what I’ve been looking for…!

First off, Opthomistic and How I Met Your Father – cheers – really enjoyed those posts this week. Hell Burns… Continue reading »