Monthly Archives: May 2013

And that’s a wrap…

At the risk of bailing out, I’ve decided once again the hang up my Being Frank hat. Today will be… Continue reading »

God of the Autumn

Looking back on it, it's been a rough couple of months. A good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, a… Continue reading »

Pooh Bear’s a nice chap, isn’t he?

Much more serious than any other crisis in the Church is the spiritual abuse crisis, which has plagued us for… Continue reading »


Today is my last post for Being Frank. Apologies for the fairly sporadic posts over the last few months! Thanks… Continue reading »

Soaking up Rome

This week I’m in Rome on a pilgrimage with my school where I’m studying theology. My first time in Rome…. Continue reading »

Catholic Extremists!

Did you see this article that sneaked into the news on Sunday? An interesting read – the Catholic Bishops… Continue reading »

There’s one in every parish…

Hi everyone, Marty's been away for the past month or so travelling through Europe. He apologises for the lack of… Continue reading »