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A new website launched this week called and for those of us who are time-poor, it's looking like their… Continue reading »

How the Irish saved…actually, what is being saved here?

Here in the following link is one of the stranger sights you will ever see…from Ireland… Clonard Monastery – 'Solemn'… Continue reading »

Pathetic patriarchs

There is a tendency to destroy the idea of fathers as role models in popular culture. One survey found that… Continue reading »

Birthdays and Feast Days

It was my birthday this week and in celebrating it I remembered the last time I visited our Tyburn sisters. I'm… Continue reading »

Shout, shout, let it all out…

From the Holy Father recently…some things to ponder: "I'll share two worries of mine. One is a pelagian current that's… Continue reading »

How can the Church use technology better?

I was reading about a priest who was developing an app that would allow priests to check-in to a location… Continue reading »

How do you recognise a good priest?

There are lots of discussions, blogs and debates about what makes a 'good' priest. I know there are many people… Continue reading »