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Interpreting the Mass

Due to a mixture of personal and professional engagements I have attended Mass in four different centres over the last… Continue reading »


In my new job I have a lot of paper crossing my desk. Most of it literally does just that,… Continue reading »

On contraception and the coming violence…

…from “I think clearly we can see that the economic crisis which we are observing in the western world… Continue reading »

Is the Church responsive to families?

You take your chances when you delve into the murky waters at (tagged "Hosting the Conversation on Faith"). There… Continue reading »

Taumarunui on the main trunk line

I spent last week in Taumarunui. I know, not your usual holiday destination… actually it was for work. I spent… Continue reading »

The Housing Market

…wait…come back…. …I know the title of this post will tempt people to close the browser, but stay with me…… Continue reading »

Heating up?

A few months ago I blogged about an interview I heard on the Kim Hill show about abortion. The interview… Continue reading »