Monthly Archives: December 2013

Tackling the NZ Church #3

The final posting in this trilogy of thoughts on challenges to the current church in NZ. One area of consistent… Continue reading »

What’s your “yes”?

I had the pleasure of returning to the town where I used to live last week and attending the last… Continue reading »

Kasper is no friendly ghost…

In the Apparitions of Fatima and Akita, Our Lady warned of a coming diabolical disorientation within the Church, especially in… Continue reading »

Feminine Genius !

It's the 4th Sunday of Advent and Marty feels that he has been moved by the Holy Spirit to offer… Continue reading »

Tackling the NZ Church #2

This week I'm looking at the disconnect that happens between church and school life. I've identified it as a key… Continue reading »

Who gives your homily?

Over the past six months we have been blessed to have a seminarian in my parish. People have become very… Continue reading »

Mandela and the Murder of Children

Firstly, with all this hullabaloo about Nelson Mandela, Marty thought it the right moment to implore everybody to pray for… Continue reading »