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The Emeritus Bishop

I've just received a copy of a document from the NZ Catholic's Bishop Conference, entitled "The Catholic Education of School… Continue reading »


In the comments section on my blog  about the gift of faith a few weeks back Teresina told a great story… Continue reading »

Anonymity Online

I have been thinking recently about the "online life" that so many of us live. It's in my thoughts because… Continue reading »


This post was going to be written on a very different topic, on the song "Hear I am, Lord", and… Continue reading »


A couple of weeks ago when Phillip Seymour Hoffman died I just could not figure out where I knew him from…. Continue reading »

The Charismatic Life

Ruminating on M+M's recent post, "Where did you get your faith from?" I contributed part of my story. You can… Continue reading »

Dolly Parton

I went to see Dolly Parton on Friday night! She was amazing, particularly when you consider she is 68 years… Continue reading »