Monthly Archives: July 2014

I just don’t feel it

Confession time. I know that Mary is a massive part of the Catholic faith and that what she did in… Continue reading »

We Are Not the Reapers

I heard a great introduction to last Sunday's Gospel on the weekend (at the beginning of Mass). For those of… Continue reading »

Pulling Up Stumps (Kind of)

Well this post probably won't come as a suprise to regular readers over the last few weeks, but I am… Continue reading »

Relics AGAIN

This week I, along with some very generous volunteers, have been putting in a few hours of manual labour, to create… Continue reading »

All by myself

So, it seems I am now the lone regular poster for Being Frank. One by one our posters have dropped… Continue reading »

‘…the most devoted child of the See of Peter…’

Marty has recently been reading Waugh; his excellent work on St Edmund Campion. Things were tough in the days when… Continue reading »

Everyday I’m Shuffling

We're about to undergo a shuffle here in the Hamilton Diocese. Not the "everyday I'm shuffling" kind of shuffle –… Continue reading »