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BOBF: You face Mecca, while I pray the Benedictus…

Tuppence was one of the most itinerant authors in Being Frank's history, writing from as far afield as Africa. In… Continue reading »

BOBF: What a History!

He might be one of the most polarising Popes in recent memory, but that wasn't going to stop Filia Day… Continue reading »

BOBF: All’s Fair in Love and War?

On our continuing journey down Being Frank's memory lane, and in light of the Government yesterday saying it will send… Continue reading »

BOBF: The Cafeteria Myth

As we trawl through the archives, we come across these musings from Peter the First, a Being Frank original, from… Continue reading »

Best of Being Frank: 6 x 7 + 4 = 40?

As we continue the "Best of Being Frank" farewell tour, we continue with the Lenten theme. Today we delve into mathematical analysis… Continue reading »

Best of Being Frank: Fitting into our world

As we start the "Best of Being Frank" farewell tour in the first days of Lent, what better place to… Continue reading »

The beginning of the end

You would have seen MaryandMartha's post yesterday announcing her departure from Being Frank. As with the other authors who have… Continue reading »