Monthly Archives: March 2015

BOBF: Preachers and profiteers

What do we make of people hitting the "Catholic speaking circuit"? Should Catholic speakers be paid to give speeches and,… Continue reading »

BOBF: Social beings

There are often discussions about how well Churches welcome people into their parish or congregation — beyond the "welcome to… Continue reading »

BOBF: The Catholic Bart Simpson

The Simpsons has been a source of much inspiration on Being Frank; just check out the titles of the posts… Continue reading »

BOBF: Guilty?

Christ's great exhortation — that whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, you do to me… Continue reading »

BOBF: 40 days of what?!?!

As we continue through the Lenten season, we look back today at On the Road's musings on Lent from February… Continue reading »

BOBF: What goes on upstairs?

In our continuing Being Frank retrospective, The Dumb Ox asks "What goes on upstairs?" in this post from 2010. Spoiler… Continue reading »

BOBF: Death penalty = travesty

As leaders in Australia and around the world make last-ditch pleas to stop Indonesia's plans to execute two men convicted… Continue reading »