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Kitchen Hacks: 7 Genius Ways To Save Time And Money

Your time won’t get wasted anymore and your workflow will be as smooth as ever with these seven kitchen hacks listed below:

Recycling Jars For Kitchen Cabinets

Never throw away the jars instead reuse them to keep other spices in kitchen cabinets. Just label them up and you are good to go. This will benefit the environment and your kitchen.

Boiling Pot

You may have been annoyed by the situations when the kitchen pot boils up and overflows. You may ignore the flowing water sometimes but it can really become a danger later. Never underestimate the power of the wooden spoon which rests peacefully in the spoon shelf. All you need to do is to place the spoon over the water pot. You will see that bubbles of water will stop immediately. You will not have to go in the hassle of cleaning the spilled water.


People always hesitate to peel the potatoes especially of the potatoes are in bulk. All you need to do is to mark a cut with the knife around the potatoes. Then throw them in the boiling pot. All you need to do it to peel them off from the marked cut after getting them out of the boil.

Remember fifteen minutes is the ideal time to get the potatoes peeled easily. Never take out the peel when the potatoes are steaming hot but wait for the right time.


Peeling garlic is a more annoying chore which can really get immensely frustrating. It really sucks up all your time and gifts you the gross smell in your hands. If you want to get rid of this tiring chore then all you have to take is the aid of the glass jar. Just remove the husk of the cloves and let the layer over it stay. Just throw the pieces of clove in the clear glass jar and shake it violently. If you will repeat this task then you will notice that friction will do its magic. The layers will get removed and bravo in just a few seconds you have completed the tiring task.

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Fresh Bananas

Have you ever thrown bananas away because they have turn stale till the time you crave for them> if yes, then don’t spoil your mood over it and you can preserve those bananas for longer?

All you need is the aid of foil or plastic wrap. Just wrap these materials around the stems of bananas which will ensure there long lasting life.

Fresh Salad

If you want to keep your salad fresh for days then make use of the paper towel. Just put it over the salad container and then shut it off with the lid. This method works because it keeps the moisture in and thus salad remains fresh.

Recipe Books

You can hook your recipe book over the handle of kitchen cabinets Christchurch by the hangers of the clothes.

Egg Yolks

Grab a disposable bottle and place it over the yolk while sucking the air. Once you loosen up the grip, you will get the separated yolk and white.

Melt The Butter

If you like soft butter then just place the butter tray over the bowl of warm water. It will naturally get soft.

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