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Poverty in NZ

This week's post looks away from the Synod, and the inner workings and debates of Church life, to a wider… Continue reading »

Synod Chat

I've set this post up so that people can continue to discuss the Synod, as previous threads may close soon…. Continue reading »

“Pastoral Earthquake”

From A document summing up the synod so far has been described as a “pastoral earthquake” by a leading… Continue reading »

Pastoral Challenges – Bishop’s Response

Hi all, havent seen much coverage of the latest Bishop's Conference letter, so here it is for your information and… Continue reading »


I was watching (well, actually being distracted by) the altar servers at Mass on Sunday and the thought popped into… Continue reading »


One thing that really gets me hot under the collar is the practice of Baptism being celebrated during Sunday Mass…. Continue reading »

Valuing the Sacraments

In our parish the annual First Communion programme is underway. Our parish priest, assisted by a teacher aide from our… Continue reading »