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How to get people to Latin Mass

Do you have some friends who are a little skeptical about the 'smells and bells'?  Does being a 'rad trad'… Continue reading »

The Five Second Impression

Before we go any deeper, I bet that a high portion of you reading this right now will not last… Continue reading »

When NZ and Australian Catholic nerds unite!

Greetings BF readers.  I am currently sitting on the floor at Melbourne Airport beneath a somewhat wrath-filled sky.  I've decided to… Continue reading »

Return of the Living Dead

My dearest Being Frank community, I return after a one month haitus with the following exclamation – I am a… Continue reading »

The First Steps of a Pilgrim

Hola BF community.  In two days, I will be off to South America for the biggest Catholic event in the… Continue reading »

Why We Can Never Be Alone

Before I begin my post, I would firstly like to apologize for my absence.  I could rattle off a few… Continue reading »

Packing Up for a New Home

This weekend, I moved out of home.  I am currently sitting on the floor in my new house, surrounded by… Continue reading »