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Today is my last post for Being Frank. Apologies for the fairly sporadic posts over the last few months! Thanks… Continue reading »

An Essential Aspect of the New Evangelization

As the Church grapples with the modern world, intellectually and spiritually, globally and personally, she needs to be well prepared… Continue reading »

A Catholic’s Guide to Surviving the End of the World As We Know It

A great article by Emily Stimpson of Catholic Vote that ties in nicely with my post last week about how we… Continue reading »

Next steps – what YOU can do about the culture of death in your neighbourhood

 SING, my tongue, the Savior’s glory; tell His triumph far and wide; tell aloud the famous story of His body… Continue reading »

Building on, not departing from…

One of the things I loved most about Pope Benedict XVI was that he built strongly on the foundation JP2… Continue reading »

Pope and manager?

As the media and Catholic world scramble at the news of the pope’s resignation and speculate about possible successors, I… Continue reading »

Breaking or broken?

Christ is victorious and his reign will never end. He will not stop dispensing grace through the sacraments of the… Continue reading »