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Final thoughts from Kereopa of Wellington

After two and a half years of (semi-regular) posting, this will be my last posting as Kereopa. Its time for… Continue reading »

2013: The Battleground for Euthanasia

I’m prepared to go on record as saying that 2013 will be the year that Euthanasia is going to ramp… Continue reading »

Time for fresh take on population growth

I’m a huge fan of Sir David Attenborough. His narration of nature programmes have enthralled and entertained generations. His recent… Continue reading »

A Good Catholic Education

On our road trip to our sunny New Years holiday destination, a bunch of mates were discussing Catholic education in… Continue reading »

Connecticut shootings

No real post from me this morning. Take a minute (if you haven’t already) to think of all the families… Continue reading »

The Magic of The Hobbit

Who doesn’t like The Hobbit? Even if you’ve never read the book or enjoyed LOTR, its been near impossible not… Continue reading »

Persecution begins against the Catholic Church in Australia

So things are heating up in Australia, with even conservative Catholic Tony Abbott supporting a Commission of Inquiry into sex… Continue reading »