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Consecrated Life

Pope Francis has, as Marty's sure you are all aware, dedicated 2015 as the year of Consecrated Life. As some… Continue reading »

May I put my snout in the trough?

Marty's been wondering about something for a little while. As Marty's sure you all know, some of what we give… Continue reading »

‘…the most devoted child of the See of Peter…’

Marty has recently been reading Waugh; his excellent work on St Edmund Campion. Things were tough in the days when… Continue reading »

He’s back!

Hi all, Marty apologises for having been absent for so long…he's had a lot on his plate. Recently Marty was… Continue reading »

Rip it out = Good Guy…Restore it = Fanatic Guy.

Below is a post which draws together much that Marty has said over the past few years. It comes from… Continue reading »

Tearing down the house

Sorry for the mildly prolonged absence. Marty's been busy. Marty would like to allude to one of his favourite movies… Continue reading »

Less of Tim and more of HIM

Dear BeingFrank buddies, Watch this video of the thankgiving Mass for Tim Cardinal Dolan in Milwaukee and ask yourself who… Continue reading »