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So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

Well, the last year and a half has certainly been enriching, entertaining, and informative. And yes, frustrating at times. But,… Continue reading »

Imagine Life

I have become quite the fan of the Imagine advertisements from the USA. These are the people who ran the… Continue reading »

Physical Littleness and Mental Littleness

I am reading a book by the legendary Archbishop Fulton Sheen called the ‘Eternal Galilean’, a book about the life… Continue reading »

The Weekend Retreat

Every so often we all need to take a step back, a couple deep breaths, and listen to God. For… Continue reading »

And He Descended into Hell

I read a great reflection for Holy Saturday: Something strange is happening – there is a great silence on earth… Continue reading »

Facebook Experiment

The other day I read an article about a woman who posted a picture of a 22 week old aborted… Continue reading »

Snares of the Devil

Reading about the actions and life of Stephen Versalko this week certainly brought feelings of repulsion and disbelief. How could… Continue reading »