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If I don’t return, avenge my death!

I'm sorry to say that this will be my last post on Being Frank. Over the past few months I… Continue reading »

Abstinence-only education and Theology of the Body

Someone posted this on their Facebook page:Where Abstinence-Only Sex-Ed Fails  "“Abstinence-only” sex ed is a fundamentally flawed concept, beginning with… Continue reading »

Pathetic patriarchs

There is a tendency to destroy the idea of fathers as role models in popular culture. One survey found that… Continue reading »

How can the Church use technology better?

I was reading about a priest who was developing an app that would allow priests to check-in to a location… Continue reading »


In my local parish a group of about 5-10 twenty-somethings have been shakily introducing chant to our parish Masses for… Continue reading »

Hipster Catholicism and other things

I've keep noticing an attitude in our culture where it is "cool" to be an early adopter of something that catches on…. Continue reading »

Save me Lord!

I heard an interesting background to the episode of Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee. The local people believed… Continue reading »