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At the end of the day…

Looking back on the last year and a bit, as a blogger with too little time to devote, Being Frank… Continue reading »

A question of moderation

Just a quick post (and one of my last) in the midst of a very busy week! Sr Joan Chittister,… Continue reading »

A technical vendetta

I’ll keep it short and not too controversial today… PC security is a topic never too far from the spotlight,… Continue reading »

Death and co.

An interesting topic for Pope Benedict’s second encyclical: tax evasion. I’ve often been annoyed at people who complain about “high… Continue reading »

How much is your life worth?

Michael Brewer was rescued yesterday, after being trapped by a cave-in. The rescue effort included a peak of some 70… Continue reading »

The Cafeteria Myth

As the title implies, I’m inclined to place the notion of “cafeteria Catholics” into the same box as Bigfoot. I… Continue reading »

Blessed be the geek…

In the US, it’s a medium used by NCR. In Rome, it can be found under Vatican Radio. In New… Continue reading »