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shhhh!…you might offend somebody

During this Holy Week, let us contemplate the Passion – the price Jesus paid to redeem us. And as we… Continue reading »

Questions, questions, questions…

Over the last months on BeingFrank we have discussed, debated, and rehashed certain topics (e.g., capital punishment, just war, Communion, salvation,… Continue reading »

bits and pieces

Sorry in advance for the length, just read the bits under the headings you’re interested in…  ————————————————————— Murder: (deliberate taking… Continue reading »

being good…

This week, right off the bat, I want to ask a question to readers: (and please answer it honestly and… Continue reading »

Heresy and a misuse of conscience

2 weeks ago we looked at the Virtue of Faith. This week we’ll have a quick look at one of… Continue reading »

Seclusion…and Oscar

I was going to discuss “heresy” this week – one of the sins against Faith. But something took my interest… Continue reading »

Faith or Feeling

I always pondered about the virtue of Faith. Many people these days say they have Faith, but don’t believe what… Continue reading »