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I give up

So, it’s my last post on Being Frank today and I’m torn between talking about the real reason I’m leaving… Continue reading »

Greedy chickens coming home…?

Now, maybe it’s because I work for a charity and live with the knowledge I’ll never have much money (which… Continue reading »


I saw a fabulous card last week (nothing better than a good greeting card, I say) that said: “When I… Continue reading »

What do we want from our pollys?

Now, I’m not usually in the business of taking what movie stars say seriously but I did have a mighty… Continue reading »

War for peace. Ha.

It’s not that I’m a doubting Thomas, I have faith and I don’t need to see to believe. On that… Continue reading »

How punished is punished?

The whole debate that’s kicked off surrounding Sarah Palin, John McCain’s running mate, has got me thinking a bit about… Continue reading »

Would an honest person please stand up?

Election ramblings… I’ll grant you that politics does not bring out the best in people. And I’m the first to… Continue reading »