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And that’s a wrap…

At the risk of bailing out, I’ve decided once again the hang up my Being Frank hat. Today will be… Continue reading »

Soaking up Rome

This week I’m in Rome on a pilgrimage with my school where I’m studying theology. My first time in Rome…. Continue reading »

Billings, Billings everywhere…

Sorry this is coming in late in the day – technical issues at this end and we’ve just got the… Continue reading »

Highlights from the Worldwide Organisation for the Billings Ovulation Method™ (WOOMB) conference

I’m writing on my way home from a fantastic week in Malaysia at the World Organisation of the Billings Ovulation… Continue reading »

Planned Parenthood actually getting on board with natural family planning

No, that headline is not a hoax. In the most unexpected of places (or maybe I’ve been living under a… Continue reading »

The Acton Institute…just what I’ve been looking for…!

First off, Opthomistic and How I Met Your Father – cheers – really enjoyed those posts this week. Hell Burns… Continue reading »

“I just spoke silence with the seeker next to me…”

That’s the opening line of one of my favourite Brooke Fraser songs, Hosea’s Wife…and when it came up in the… Continue reading »