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Silence is Golden

As I mentioned in my blog last week, Fr Gerard gave an awesome sermon based on the first reading of… Continue reading »

May I put my snout in the trough?

Marty's been wondering about something for a little while. As Marty's sure you all know, some of what we give… Continue reading »


One thing that really gets me hot under the collar is the practice of Baptism being celebrated during Sunday Mass…. Continue reading »

I never mention priests by name but…

So in this blog I've always been pretty careful not to mention any priests by name. There have been times… Continue reading »

Valuing the Sacraments

In our parish the annual First Communion programme is underway. Our parish priest, assisted by a teacher aide from our… Continue reading »

The Sign of Peace…

An interesting article here about the Sign of Peace. The Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments have been studying the… Continue reading »

I just don’t feel it

Confession time. I know that Mary is a massive part of the Catholic faith and that what she did in… Continue reading »