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Comedy of Errors

Some Christmas comedy for you… I was delighted, if not a little surprised to read a headline during the week… Continue reading »

Joy to the World?

Last week, as a staff, we talked about what Christmas means to us and the traditions we have in our families… Continue reading »


Advent has totally crept up on me this year. With the busyness of school in the last term (report writing, end… Continue reading »

Quick Question

Hi all! I posted earlier this week but thought I would be cheeky and do a second post because I have… Continue reading »

The Dish on the new Bish

I'm posting early this week! Primarily because the news is out… the Hamilton Diocese has a new Bishop. It actually all… Continue reading »

Something’s gotta give

Watching our Parish Priest coping on his own this week (our Assistant Priest is away on annual leave) has got… Continue reading »

Upskilling the masses

A couple of years back when I attended Hearts Aflame I was lucky enough to sit through some workshops with… Continue reading »