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To evangelise or not to evangelise

A couple of interesting comments came up from my post last week. Some commenters felt pretty strongly that rather than… Continue reading »

Til Death Do Us Part

I've blogged here before about my Mormon friend and how much I admire her commitment to her faith - the fact… Continue reading »


What's with this new trend of priests telling jokes before they start their sermon? These jokes usually have some very… Continue reading »


I was watching (well, actually being distracted by) the altar servers at Mass on Sunday and the thought popped into… Continue reading »

Very interesting indeed

In the latest NZ Catholic there are statements from the main political parties. It makes for very interesting reading indeed…. Continue reading »

Silence is Golden

As I mentioned in my blog last week, Fr Gerard gave an awesome sermon based on the first reading of… Continue reading »

May I put my snout in the trough?

Marty's been wondering about something for a little while. As Marty's sure you all know, some of what we give… Continue reading »