Frequently asked questions

New to Being Frank? Or new to our new look? Have some questions to ask of the team? Well, this is the place where we try to answer you. Below are some of our more frequently asked questions. If you look down the list and don’t find your question, you may be unique! If so, contact us and we’ll add your question to the list.

1. What’s with this blog?

We have an about page describing the history behind the blog and why it came into existence. All your answers should be there. :)

2. Who are the people who contribute to the blog?

Another good question – and another question that we have a whole page devoted to.

3. What’s with the style?

We launched the site in July, 2006 and wanted to see if anyone would pay attention. By early 2007, as the traffic increased, we discovered that a) people were paying attention and b) there were a number of little issues with the blog that needed brushing up to cater for the increased traffic. So, we launched the new look at Easter 2007. The new theme includes two variations – Black and White – as well as our old “Classic” theme as well. You can switch between them using the “Theme Switcher” plugin in the right column.

4. What’s with the banners?

The banners on the new theme will change to reflect the colour of the current liturgical season (e.g. green for Ordinary Time, red for Pentecost, purple for Lent and Advent etc.)

5. Can I get a preview of my comment before I post it?

Yes, you can. Simply click on the Preview button before you push the Post button and you’ll see your comment appear below the comment box.

6. Can I edit my comments?

Yes, you can…for a limited time. Once you make your comment, you will be given a couple of minutes where the “Edit” button will appear beside it in order for you to change anything you got wrong. After the countdown completes, you won’t be able to edit it anymore.

7. I’ve entered my comment but it hasn’t shown up yet?

It will – sometimes these things take time. We run a series of spam filters on the blog to keep those losers away from the site. So sometimes (especially if you’re a new commenter) your post may take up to a couple of hours to show up. After that, you should be fine. Don’t keep trying to publish the same comment as this will just mark you as spam and potentially mark all your previously approved comments as spam too!

8. How do I see the most recent comments and posts?

They’re listed in the right hand column.

9. What are those little icons appearing beside external links?

If you hover over those Snap icons, you’ll get a snapshot of the website that the link points to.

10. How do I do fancy formatting in my comments?

You can either use the Quicktag buttons (e.g. ) above the comment box, or manually markup using the tags below:

Markup text Result
<strong>This text will be bold</strong> This text will be bold
<em>This text will be in italics</em> This text will be in italics
<a href=””>Link to the Vatican</a> Link to the Vatican
<blockquote>This will be a blockquote</blockquote>

This will be a blockquote

<li>A bulleted list</li>
<li>A bulleted list</li>
  • A bulleted list
  • A bulleted list
  • 11. I have a question that’s not listed

    We are updating this page all the time, so check back regularly. Also, you can send us an email with your question, and we’ll add it to this page if it’s a frequently asked one.

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