How will you celebrate the season of Easter?

As I mentioned last week I belong to a great women’s prayer group in my parish. We meet every three weeks and, under the guidance of our Spiritual Director, explore scriptures and pray together. There’s also always a great supper to follow!

Last time we met, our leader had an interesting question for us. First of all she asked us how we had marked the season of Lent. We reflected on the things we had given up, the extra things we’d tried to do, the fasting, our attendance at Stations of the Cross, communal Reconciliation and Taize prayer. We talked about how we had felt closer to Jesus on his walk to Calvary and what a special time it had been.

She then asked us how we would mark the season of Easter. This got me thinking. We are meant to be a “people of the Resurrection” but are we, really? What would a person of the Resurrection be like? My guess is they’d be full of joy, they’d offer hope to those who found themselves in hopeless situations and they would have full trust in God and His plans for them.

During Lent we are asked to do three things…prayer, fasting and almsgiving. What could we do to recognise and celebrate the very special and important season of Easter and to show the world that we truly are people of the Resurrection?


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