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8 Hacks To Save Money When You Move To New Zealand

You must know by now that how great is New Zealand. There are over friendly people whom you want to have a lifetime friendship with. There are so welcoming that you won’t want to leave new cleaned once you enter here. Other than this, the landscape itself won’t leave you at all. You will be so breath taken by the beauty it offers then you won’t want to turn back to your own place. Thus, all these factors will force you to get yourself a house in New Zealand so you won’t have to leave this place at all.

All you need to understand is that this all requires a huge capital as getting a house in New Zealand is not a piece of cake thus start saving money. If you are wondering how? Then don’t you worry as this article present you will seven hacks which will give you the best advice for savings.

Do It Yourself

You can always take the help of super friendly people in New Zealand for packing. Get all your friends together and invite them for a nice dinner. After that get to work and start to move in. you will surely have to spend about thousands of dollars thus don’t waste a single penny on a thing which you can do by yourself.

Sell Off

Packing is never an easy process so the ideal choice would be of getting rid of that every material which is not needed at that very time and can be bought later. You will also earn the extra cash in the process so what is holding you back?

Plan Ahead Of Time

Make your life easy and make sure your record is clean. Your past record matter thus you should not be indebted and clear everything before starting a new chapter.

Details From Immigration Advising Website

The immigration advising website clearly suggests that you need to be fully well equipped with the documentation and you cannot ignore the importance of this. Without proper documentation, you won’t be able to buy a car so forget the house alone. Thus, carry with you all your vital credentials like bank account and other documentation necessary for the proceeding.

Hidden Cost

You need to get the cost of everything crystal clear. If you will leave and skip the important details then you will run into a greater problem later. Thus, in order to save yourself from this just plan properly and be aware of each and every cost.

Used Furniture

Buying a home must be itself very costly thus you won’t triple the cost by getting a new furniture when you can use the old one. So the advice is to take the furnished home or get the second-hand stuff.

Sell The Car

Shipping a car will cost you a great deal thus get it sold and save the cash for later.

Importing Advice From Immigration Advisor

Your immigration advisor must have told you that all sorts of pets are not imported to New Zealand. As far as cats and dogs are concerned then you have to get their documentation done. So see if you could afford this process.

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Make Your Own Homemade Glass Cleaner

Many people love to avail the do it yourself option. People hold the perception that when they can do the work themselves then why should they rely on ant cleaning agency. You have to understand that do it yourself process can really help you greatly if the work is done in the proper order. You may rub the vinegar over the glass but you won’t really understand the flaws of using that strategy. Just realize that you will see a lot of streaks even after the cleaning thus you cannot just rely on one ingredient and make it your magic potion which will work no matter what so ever the trouble is. You can rub the alcohol over several things due to its acidic nature but bear in mind the possible cons it will deliver. With no hole of doubt, you will meet with the harsh and strong smell and alcohol alone can also damage your glass. Thus, in order to avoid any such results this article will help you filter out several ways through which you can create a homemade glass cleaner and even that with a very less trouble.

Cleaner For Kitchen Splash Backs Auckland

You have to be very careful when you mix the ingredients in an empty bottle. If you are wondering that which bottle is recommended then grab a disposable bottle from the market and never reuse the old bottle which has the traces of chemicals in it. A quick tip is to get the bottled labeled as the homemade cleaner so that your kids won’t ever try to mess around with it.

You should never use the vinegar or alcohol alone as the cleaning agents, but if the two ingredients get used together then they can do wonders for kitchen splash backs Auckland. This will really give a new dimension and spark to the glass. But be careful that just never use vinegar over a stone material. All you need for this recipe is a cup of alcohol and a cup of water. Mix these two ingredients together and then add a spoon of vinegar.

Use Of Cornstarch

Another recipe which you can surely try is getting the help of cornstarch. The recipe which you will follow for this method is as follows. Just grab a quarter cup of alcohol and vinegar and pour it into two cups of water. Shake the solution well and then finally add a tablespoon of cornstarch. That is it! It was that simple. Just a quick tip, you need to make sure that you wipe off the solution very well else the cornstarch will leave the residue over glass balustrades Auckland.

Other Tools

If you are using cotton clothes or towels for cleaning the dirty windows then replace that option with a newspaper and you will surely see the difference. You will get rid of all the streak with this simple trick. Use of microfiber cloth can help you a great deal and you will achieve a much cleaner look. You can even hire the best companies for professional appeal.

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Kitchen Hacks: 7 Genius Ways To Save Time And Money

Your time won’t get wasted anymore and your workflow will be as smooth as ever with these seven kitchen hacks listed below:

Recycling Jars For Kitchen Cabinets

Never throw away the jars instead reuse them to keep other spices in kitchen cabinets. Just label them up and you are good to go. This will benefit the environment and your kitchen.

Boiling Pot

You may have been annoyed by the situations when the kitchen pot boils up and overflows. You may ignore the flowing water sometimes but it can really become a danger later. Never underestimate the power of the wooden spoon which rests peacefully in the spoon shelf. All you need to do is to place the spoon over the water pot. You will see that bubbles of water will stop immediately. You will not have to go in the hassle of cleaning the spilled water.


People always hesitate to peel the potatoes especially of the potatoes are in bulk. All you need to do is to mark a cut with the knife around the potatoes. Then throw them in the boiling pot. All you need to do it to peel them off from the marked cut after getting them out of the boil.

Remember fifteen minutes is the ideal time to get the potatoes peeled easily. Never take out the peel when the potatoes are steaming hot but wait for the right time.


Peeling garlic is a more annoying chore which can really get immensely frustrating. It really sucks up all your time and gifts you the gross smell in your hands. If you want to get rid of this tiring chore then all you have to take is the aid of the glass jar. Just remove the husk of the cloves and let the layer over it stay. Just throw the pieces of clove in the clear glass jar and shake it violently. If you will repeat this task then you will notice that friction will do its magic. The layers will get removed and bravo in just a few seconds you have completed the tiring task.

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Fresh Bananas

Have you ever thrown bananas away because they have turn stale till the time you crave for them> if yes, then don’t spoil your mood over it and you can preserve those bananas for longer?

All you need is the aid of foil or plastic wrap. Just wrap these materials around the stems of bananas which will ensure there long lasting life.

Fresh Salad

If you want to keep your salad fresh for days then make use of the paper towel. Just put it over the salad container and then shut it off with the lid. This method works because it keeps the moisture in and thus salad remains fresh.

Recipe Books

You can hook your recipe book over the handle of kitchen cabinets Christchurch by the hangers of the clothes.

Egg Yolks

Grab a disposable bottle and place it over the yolk while sucking the air. Once you loosen up the grip, you will get the separated yolk and white.

Melt The Butter

If you like soft butter then just place the butter tray over the bowl of warm water. It will naturally get soft.

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5 Questions To Ask When Choosing Electrical Contractor

You must have interviewed several candidates and despite that, you are not fully sure that whether you should opt for the option or not. In order to ease away your confusion, this article brings you five must questions which you should ask.

Your Demands From Electricians Auckland

Now you need to clarify several things in your mind and know the requirements. You have to fully understand that what you actually want. If you want to go for renovation or just a small repair, then you will choose different criteria for selecting the electrical contractor. You need to understand that the time span of work differs from the nature of the job to job. If your project involves the complete renovation then you will have to allow 3 to 6 months for the work. Your electricians Auckland must know the deadlines beforehand as this will help to minimize any future delay.


If your mind will be clear only then you can narrow down your list of options. Discuss the project site and budget along with the time span so your contractor gets fully aware.  You must choose the contractors according to the specialization. As this will be not a lesser act of foolishness if you will choose expensive electricians Auckland only for just a small repair of security alarms. So make the decision wisely.

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The Credibility Of Electricians Auckland

You have to test the credibility of the contractor. Know straight the importance of hiring the licensed contractor. You have to get the work done in a legal manner thus never settle for any illegal work. You must verify the license fully as after all that is your right. You must prefer the insured electrical contractor over the non-insured one. As this will free you from any responsibility of sudden accidents. Remember that the licensed and insured contractors are much more reliable.


Get the rates of the contractors straight. You must get the proper proposal from the contractors. Never just rely on the verbal estimations as it is always the better option to get things written down. You must fully understand how the contractors work whether they will be charging you on the basis of hours worked or whether they will quote a fixed rate. If the will offer you a fixed rate, then it becomes your responsibility to take the breakdown. See whether the contractor charges you separately for the work or not. There are a lot of overhead additional charges which you need to be careful of. You will have to see whether the contractors will charge you for the transportation or not. Just understand the break down in order to avoid any hidden charges later.

Proper Proposal

You must ask to see for yourself that whether the proposal offered by the electrician meets your requirement. No matter how experienced the contractor, as it becomes worthless if the electrician is not able to deliver what you require. Be very specific about instructions and make sure the electrician understand that. You need to question yourself whether the contractor is flexible with sudden changes or not.