6 tips to Hire a good Web Application Development Company

When you have made the decision to carry out a software development project for your company or project, the main question that arises is: who do I choose as a developer? What should I look for or inquire to know if that developer is the right one and would take me step by step along the way? So if you are looking for such a developer, then here we have some points that can help you when deciding what to look for when hiring a web application developer or a web development company.

Development methodology

It is essential that the provider has a development methodology. Development methodologies offer developers to have processes and procedures that avoid any type of disturbance during development, a web application developer that does not develop a methodology has a high risk of running into development problems or even severe halts.

Certifications are necessary

Although a well-supported and developed methodology enhances the success of the project, a methodology that is not applied or is not required by the client does not do much good. When a supplier has certifications that are accredited by evidence of their use, then the development period of the website gets shorter by a great margin. Some such certifications are CMMi, SCRUM, ISO, ITIL, etc.

Are the source code and the data owned by me or the provider?

Investigate regarding to whom the generated source code will belong to, as well as all the related substances. This is a very important criterion since, in case of deciding to leave the business relationship with the developer and continue on your own or with another web application developer, it will be necessary to be the owner of the source code and the data to be able to improve upon it.

Post-implementation support?

Going beyond implementing and leaving the application running, is an added value that a provider can offer. Such as training key system users, giving a course or session on how the system can be helpful. Also, the provider offers – as part of the service – the on-site support of a specialist who would be involved in the development of the system. For any questions or emergencies that occur, the specialist can provide help to your staff and can rectify minor issues.


What, how long and under what conditions is the software development assured? Reviewing the warranty sections under which the web application developer operates is a criterion that must be taken into account. Else, the developer can develop loopholes in the warranty to trick you. Such as, if the system has some kind of fault that is caused due to some API that would be required to be integrated to work properly, the web application developer can use that as an opportunity to make more money. Although there are conditions where the guarantees do not apply, it is important to know which ones apply and under what terms.

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